Couldn’t be more pleased with my experience

There was significant fat loss underneath my eyes after my pregnancy and I was told often that I looked much older than I actually am (I’m in my late twenties). I used to be ashamed to continue with my day entirely based on how sickly I looked. Dr Haworth used RADIESSE to smooth out the hallows and build up my cheekbones. Apparently it is a not as common procedure for that particular area, but he insisted it was the best way to achieve natural and alert looking under-eyes in my case. My eyes look beautiful and awake now post-op and I am incredibly pleased with the results! I place a deep amount of trust in this doctor and his creative entitlement, definitely challenges other local practitioners gall and airs and the same extends to his entire office.

Nose correction

After 2 botched nose jobs I carefully did research in choosing the next cosmetic surgeon to correct it. I had several consultations and started to feel discouraged and upset that I would not find a doctor I felt at ease with and more importantly confident in. It wasn’t until I met Dr. Randal Haworth and saw the before and after photos of his previous patients that I finally felt hopeful again. Not only did he take his time to fully explain to me the procedure he would preform to correct my nose, he also made me feel like I finally had found the best surgeon to do the job. Now I am 6 months post-op and I love the way I look! It’s truly amazing the work he did. I receive complements everywhere I go and feel more confident then ever. Thank you Dr. Haworth for making me beautiful again !!

Brilliant artist

If there is one word about Dr Haworth, that is BRILLANT…I gotta admit I was a bit of a difficult patient with other docs in the past- I am a recovering addict and yet I was a top model- I had my demons and I felt like crap, looked like it too in the end! I gave up on my feminine side-I was angry and felt sorry for myself. Anyway, went to this plastic surgeon called Dr Randall Digby Haworth and felt like a vapid fool to do so. BUT….thank god I did! After a boob job, upper lip lift, nosejob (to fix a broken one) fat transfer to plump up me face and lips and lower blepharoplasty. I look and feel unbelievable, sexy again, beautiful. And natural with no scars-I now I want to cry. Thank you , thank you, Doc!!

Difficult Case

I saw 4 Plastic surgeons before I saw Dr. Haworth. I was immediately impressed with his staff and cool-looking dome of the office. I had a dog bite through my eyebrow back in 2007 and it was closed in a rushed manner. I immediately felt a connection with him, sensing that he knew what to do to make me regain my self-confidence and beauty which has also diminished over the years. He did a face lift, forehead lift, and smoothing and fat transfer along with my eye. I healed so quickly that even Dr. Haworth said that was unusual for the number of surgeries I endured. I was out with my friends and husband after eight days!. He said it was my genetics but also taking Arnica and Bromozyme helped. All in all, a life-changing experience.

Best choice ever!

I had originally went in to see and have lipo done with Dr Haworth back in June of 2013 for only my back inner knees and thighs I was so satisfied and impressed with his work that I just went to have more lipo and something else that I never even considered but had thought about doing but was not even sure what I should do which was the breast lift and fat transfer! I wasn’t sure what the procedure would be like until Dr Haworth explained it to me and I loved his idea! I even suggested implants but he was against it! I would think that most doctors would feel the opposite but not him and I’m glad he felt that way cause the results are just unbelievable very natural I’m very happy and satisfied. As for the rest of the body, I was so sad about the way my butt looked, and my stomach, my arms and my lower legs! It seemed like I had a layer of fat in each place that I could just not get rid of… especially my butt!!! So I talked to Dr Haworth and I told him how I felt he listened to me very closely gave me his opinions and how he could work with me and went over everything in detail!!! I felt very confident before my surgery and I knew that I was in the good hands. Dr Haworth is very detailed which I like very much and will not push you in any bad direction! The end result which I’m sure will be awesome since this is only my second week post surgery! I’m already seeing results specially the area that I was most uncomfortable with my butt! My arms I saw the result the day after also my legs!!! It is incredible – I’m very happy and I would highly recommend Dr Haworth to anyone!!!

Best in Beverly Hills!

I moved to Los Angeles in 2004 and I had actually seen a few other well known surgeons in Beverly Hills that had appeared on Dr. 90210 and Extreme Makeover for filler and was not happy or impressed with the results. Then I happened to watch a few episodes of the swan and I was very impressed by all the makeovers that Dr. Haworth had performed on the show. So decided to book appointment with him. I started out just getting Botox and filler and the results were always flawless and natural. Then in 2006, I decided to go ahead with some liposuction of my inner thighs and back. I never liked how my thighs rubbed together. I had a swift recovery and the results were smooth and I had minimal scarring. It was the first time I felt confident about my thighs. Most recently I decided to move forward with a handful if procedures that I wanted to treat myself to once I surpassed 30. In October 2013 I went in for breast lift/augmentation, fat transfer, brow lift, chin augmentation, and rhinoplasty. Best decision I could have made! My recovery was smooth and the office staff was beyond helpful with my follow up visits. My results exceeded my expectations and everyone says how amazing I look but can’t pin point exactly what I did. So for anyone considering any of these procedures I would highly recommend Dr Haworth.