Extraordinary on all levels

I am 40 now and wanted to turn back the signs of time. And I felt filler and botox were not the way to continue going for me. As I feel they change the proportion and expression of your face if you do them for too long. I decided to consult with Dr. Haworth as I have known him for almost 20 years and have seen much of his work in Los Angeles. All of which looks so natural, beautiful and youthful, that I did not even consult with another person. Dr. Haworth answered all my questions and took lots of time for the consultation. He is super passionate about his work and I felt so well taken care of.

In my opinion Dr. Haworth is the only plastic surgeon who has the artistic vision and surgical ability to perform fine tune beautification on all levels of the face and body. Most plastic surgeons have one specialty. Dr. Haworth is the person to go when you want to have an all over beautified appearance. Opposed to just one pretty feature, which you get with most other surgeons in my opinion. In my case we decided to do an endoscopic brow lift combined with endoscopic mid- face lift, lower eye lid surgery with fat transfer and his signature caisson technique.

I followed all pre-op instructions. His team was amazing at supporting me in answering all my questions. I emailed and called many times. They were always super caring and supportive with great knowledge and expertise. Per their recommendation I hired an after care nurse to be with me for 2 day after surgery. An investment well worth it. She kept icing my face with felt great and drastically reduced swelling. I was most surprised by the fact that I was only on pain meds for 2 days after the surgery. I switched to Tylenol extra strength after and had no pain ever. If anything sometimes a tingling sensation or a slight heaviness. But zero pain ever.

My swelling and bruising went away very fast. It’s less then 2 weeks now and people tell me I look amazing. Most importantly, I feel amazing! I have the highest respect for Dr. Haworth and his team and can highly recommend him to people looking for a surgeon who comprehends the nature of universal beauty as a wholesome concept.