Dr. Haworth is a true Genius

I recently underwent a chin reduction to remove an overwhelming chin. Dr. Haworth took one look at me and told me exactly what I always knew to be true. He was patient, kind, and honest. Surgery day was great. He is truly one of my life heroes. IF YOU NEED A CHIN REDUCTION- Dr. Haworth is truly the only Dr. worth trusting your face to.

Fantastic revision work

I came from Florida to get facial work repair with the talented doctor. Unfortunately I had a past facelift 8 years ago by a New York plastic surgeon and was left with pulled down ears and terrible scars which made me feel very self-conscious. I had decided to go with Dr. Haworth after three consults across the country with the best – he sold me after he showed me a similar case to mine where he fixed the problem on a woman of my same age. I am now 3 months out and the results are better than I expected and I can now wear my hair up. I will be coming back for further work including lip reshaping and a nose fix!

Dr Haworth is a True Artist

Dr Haworth is a true artist. I had a skin only lip lift about 12 years ago and it looked beautiful. Unfortunately it didn’t last long. I’ve recently had the muscle hemming lip lift and I’m extremely happy. It looks so beautiful that one of my girlfriend had it done and another is waiting for her vacation time to do it. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard “you have beautiful lips”.