Did an Amazing Job

After years of procrastination and research I decided to go to Dr Randal Haworth.Though he was recommended by two office friends, I was skeptical about getting my face “worked on”. I wanted a completely natural look but wanted my jowls and saggy chicken neck skin gone. I met with him twice but I realized he was the correct choice for me after the first 15 minutes with him. He did a lower face lift and did an amazing job with my neck. nobody noticed which I still don’t know if that’s a good thing (because after spending that money, part of me wants to show off 😉 Star and Monica are superstars, but the waits can be aggravating at times!

I Know Exactly Who to Turn to for Looking Great

I’m afraid to refer anyone these days as they say results vary.  But I’ve always had confidence with Dr. Haworth.  I’ve only have heard the best back. Dr. Haworth’s many years of world class service is clearly evident in his practice and results.

Having one of the best vip service practices in Beverly Hills, let alone Southern California, I know exactly who to turn to for looking great.

Dr Haworth Gives You Both a Visible Transformation and a Natural Look

He’s actually passionate about what he does and that makes all the difference. I was told by my previous doctor that Dr. Haworth has an aggressive style of surgery. Perhaps so, but the results are very natural and flawless. I prefer a doctor that actually makes a difference with each surgery. Other surgeons (I won’t mention names) promised me natural results, but I was unimpressed, because the surgeries didn’t improve my features very much. Dr Haworth gives you both a visible transformation and a natural look.

Dr Haworth is a True Artist

Dr Haworth is a true artist. I had a skin only lip lift about 12 years ago and it looked beautiful. Unfortunately it didn’t last long. I’ve recently had the muscle hemming lip lift and I’m extremely happy. It looks so beautiful that one of my girlfriend had it done and another is waiting for her vacation time to do it. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard “you have beautiful lips”.

The Best Facial Surgeon Around. A True Artist

A master of facial surgery. Fixed some bad work I had done, including my nose. He is the go-to plastic surgeon for revision noses. He was the Swan doc. His staff and his willingness to answer all of my questions was so far above the rest (and I did see 6 other plastic surgeons before I settled on Dr Haworth).

Outstanding Doctor, Hands Down

There was significant fat loss underneath my eyes after my pregnancy and I was told often that I looked much older than I actually am (I’m in my latter twenties). I used to be ashamed to conspire with my day entirely based on how sickly I looked. Dr Haworth used radiesse to smoothen out the hallows and build up my cheekbones. Apparently its a not as common procedure for that particular area, but he insisted it was the best way to achieve natural and alert looking under eyes in my case. My eyes look beautiful and awake now post -op, I am incredibly pleased with the results! I place a deep amount of trust in this doctor and his creative entitlement, definitely challenges other local practitioners gall and airs and the same extends to his entire office.