I went to the consultation few years ago and last November finally I made the decision…

I’m writing this review because I feel like I have to thank Dr Haworth for this few months of keeping me feeling and looking younger than I am.
I went to the consultation few years ago and last November finally I made the decision to go back, make some final adjustments and complete face lift that changed my life.

Now it’s 7 months after the surgery and the results is absolutely beautiful, I’m a new person, even my everyday attitude had changed to more positive mood. So, the pain of the first days after the surgery really paid off now. Thank you Dr Haworth you are the best and I will recommend you to anyone who want to look great. Doctor Haworth is amazing. I just trusted doctor Haworth from the first meeting. I’m so happy with the results, was fantastic surgery, even the recovery.

The results of this surgery changed my life, gave me self confident as a female, started enjoy my life with confident as a young girl. This surgery one of the most successful step in my life.

– professional team
– Thanks for Wendi she helped me a lot with the problems , and she was available all the time for my question.
– she the one who was replying my emails, she answered all my questions she was very patient with me, and so sweet always nice..
– thank you for all the team for receptionists.
– wishing for clinic successful time always

I’ve seen a lot of work from the top surgeons out there, but Haworth is way above them.

The BEST surgeon out there LITERALLY. I’ve seen a lot of work from the top surgeons out there, but Haworth is way above them. A true artist helping me stay gorgeous and now I’m not afraid to age, he can make you flawless and perfect at any age! GENIUS especially for Brest augmentation, rhinoplasty and lip lift. He is also a true artist with injections!!

I never felt rushed when I had questions or during an appointment.

My review of Dr. Randal Haworth is unsolicited. As a patient and a biomedical scientist, my opinion is that Dr. Haworth’s pre-op, surgery, follow up as well as outcome of the upper and medial (corner) lip lifts are of the highest quality. What caused me to get this surgery? The region of my nose to upper lip midface area was flat and had an extreme distance between the nose and upper lip. I looked angry or sad all the time when I wasn’t smiling. The reasons for my highest regard for Dr. Haworth’s work are the following.

First, it was a revision of a lip lift I had 20 years prior. Ten years after my first lip lift the distance had returned so I went to another plastic surgeon that refused to perform lip lifts and he talked me into having autologous fat implant into my lips to balance the distance. Since that fat implant, a further increased distance developed between my nose and upper lip and the area was very flat with no definition/philtrum. Previous scar tissue is just one reason revision surgery can be more difficult. After several consultations with other plastic surgeons to correct these issues, I researched how Dr. Haworth did his lip lifts and found that he was the only plastic surgeon who secured the lip lift in such as way that it tends to last longer. Therefore, I chose Dr. Haworth.

Second, Dr. Haworth provides such a wonderful outcome that people are really confused when I say that I am 68 years old because most people think I am much younger. After Dr. Haworth’s surgery, my lips and the balance of my midface region to the rest of my face is even better than when I was much younger! He even gave my upper lip a philtrum again which takes away the flat appearance.

Third, Dr. Haworth, the anesthesiologist and their staff provide spectacular pre- and post-op preparation and follow-up care. I never felt rushed when I had questions or during an appointment. I have had numerous surgeries for other reasons and I know this type of care is outstanding. I did complete all of Dr. Haworth’s suggested follow up visits, home care, and upper lip exercises which I am sure helped with healing and the outcome as well. I highly recommend Dr. Haworth’s advice as well as attention to details, artistry, and technical skills that provide me with a natural, beautiful outcome. One year post surgery, I look pleasant, not angry. Thank you Dr. Haworth and staff!

He approached with an artistic touch

Had an appointment with Dr. Haworth the other day looking to correct my lips. Previous injections I had by a doc on Sunset Blvd had left them lumpy and no longer symmetrical. He listened to all of my concerns and fixed my lips!
He approached them with an artistic touch and made sure they were lips that fit my face. They look so natural and full now. I could not be happier!
Office was different and modern-sleek. The clinic rooms felt super clean with floor to wall as one surface

Revision Rhinoplasty

Dr. Haworth’s transformation of my nose was nothing less than miraculous. I was devastated by the wreckage resulting from my initial rhinoplasty performed by another surgeon. The tip was upturned and off center, the nostrils were retracted and asymmetric, there were several bumps and dips, etc. I consulted several alleged rhinoplasty revision experts who consistently claimed that most of the damage was irreparable. I felt hopeless and quite depressed as I was led to believe that any attempt to correct my tragically disfigured nose would be futile. Then, I met Dr. Haworth who gave me hope.

Dr. Haworth took his time carefully identifying, analyzing and developing solutions for each flaw. He is extremely meticulous and passionate about his work. Also, it is quite clear that he is a naturally gifted artist as evidenced by his art gallery. I, too, am artistically inclined and have won several awards and scholarships for my artwork. Therefore, I am excessively particular as my perception of symmetry, angles, curves and details in general is highly acute. Nevertheless, I was ecstatic about the results of Dr. Haworth’s revision rhinoplasty. He transformed my nose from my worst to my best facial feature. his sculpting abilities are second only to God. I am thankful every time I look in the mirror. He has replaced my depression with confidence.

The guy is a genius

After 6 “nose jobs” I finally went to Dr. Haworth. The guy is a genius. I had pretty much given up and lost all hope that I would never have the nose I wanted. I also needed a facelift. During the consultation Dr Haworth, who has the best bed side manners, reassured me that even though my nose was going to be a challenge, especially because I had it done so many times, he could help me out and give me a beautiful elegant nose. I trusted him because I had seen his work on other people and everyone looked amazing. So on February 2, 2016 I went ahead and had the procedures done and 10 days later I looked amazing. I was in shock; my nose looked better than I could of ever imagined. PERFECTION. Finally after going from surgeon to surgeon all my life, in search of a decent nose, I got a perfect nose. Dr Haworth is my hero. I highly recommend him. I will never go to anyone else. I am so happy with his work, I can’t thank him enough.

I couldn’t be happier with my results

Dr Haworth is an amazing plastic surgeon with so many wonderful skills. He re did my breast after having saline to silicone gel and I couldn’t be happier with my results. I also had lipo and a fat transfer that turned out amazing. I frequently go to him for Botox and fillers from time to time. He’s amazing with faces and is a true artist. Highly recommend him to anyone 🙂

Dr Haworth is amazing!

He is a true artist and so professional. I recently went by him to see if I needed any fillers to make my face more even and he put some filler in my chin area which I never would have thought I needed but WOW! what a difference I can’t wait to go back for some more and what I loved about him is he makes everything look very natural and not over done. If you’re looking for an amazing specialist look no further !!! I’m also into interior design and I noticed how beautiful and soo clean his facility is.
I would give him 2 thumbs up!!

I Know Exactly Who to Turn to for Looking Great

I’m afraid to refer anyone these days as they say results vary.  But I’ve always had confidence with Dr. Haworth.  I’ve only have heard the best back. Dr. Haworth’s many years of world class service is clearly evident in his practice and results.

Having one of the best vip service practices in Beverly Hills, let alone Southern California, I know exactly who to turn to for looking great.