Extremely meticulous and passionate

Dr. Haworth’s transformation of my nose was nothing less than miraculous. I was devastated by the wreckage resulting from my initial rhinoplasty performed by another surgeon. The tip was upturned and off center, the nostrils were retracted and asymmetric, there were several bumps and dips, etc. I consulted several alleged rhinoplasty revision experts who consistently claimed that most of the damage was irreparable. I felt hopeless and quite depressed as I was led to believe that any attempt to correct my tragically disfigured nose would be futile. Then, I met Dr. Haworth who gave me hope. Dr. Haworth took his time carefully identifying, analyzing and developing solutions for each flaw. He is extremely meticulous and passionate about his work. Also, it is quite clear that he is a naturally gifted artist as evidenced by his art gallery. I, too, am artistically inclined and have won several awards and scholarships for my artwork. Therefore, I am excessively particular as my perception of symmetry, angles, curves and details in general is highly acute. Nevertheless, I was ecstatic about the results of Dr. Haworth’s revision rhinoplasty. He transformed my nose from my worst to my best facial feature. I-Iis sculpting abilities are second only to God. I am thankful every time I look in the mirror. He has replaced my depression with confidence.