Lovely man with Exceptional talents

Dr. HAWORTH came to aid of my daughter who was born with a cleft lip and palate and distorted nose. She had her lip and palate repair as a baby and had two nose jobs before she was 15 in New Orleans. It was sad that despite those surgeries she still had a bad distorted nose and obvious scarring that was uneven on her upper lip. I took her to four plastic surgeons in Los Angeles but we were most impressed with Dr H and his staff. He took his time to explain what he was going to do, showed us a computer image and told us not to expect 100% result. The whole consultation took one hour and 10 minutes which is a lot longer than the other doctors. I was a working momwith very little money at the time. Doc just took our insurance asfull payment for the nose job. My girl saved up for the upper lip lift. We were really excited about the surgery but then my daughter came up with a mild cold over the weekend. Dr. Haworth insisted on postponing the surgery which we were very initially disappointed with but after my whole family was impressed by his concern over her health over the need to fill his surgery day. A week later she ended up getting the surgery which included her nose job and an upper lip lift with fat to her lips. He also did a scar revision. My daughter was really scared when the cast was removed because she felt her nose was swollen and reminded her of her bad experiences in the past. But after a week, everything fell together. This man and his staff went way beyond-he kept on seeing her every two -4 weeks to laser face scar revision and inject steroid treatment. The scar is now essentially invisible! The results were beyond our wildest expectations-a first-class experience. My daughter’s confidence blossomed, she goes out and wears makeup and her social life and academic life completely turned around.