I had my nose done in 2000 and all these years later I am still extremely happy with it.

This is a LONG LONG overdue review of Dr. Haworth. I had my nose done in 2000 and all these years later I am still extremely happy with it. Dr. H has always been extremely professional with me and I think he is an artist. He sketched out what my nose could look like and additionally suggested to add a chin implant which balanced my face perfectly. I also had some lipo of the chin and lower body. I was in my 30’s at the time and after those surgeries, I looked flawless.

He called me to check on me post op and when my partner told him I was in agonizing pain because I was afraid to take the pain meds, he got on the phone with me and insisted I do it and that I was taking them as prescribed. His follow up was on point and I felt really looked after through the whole experience. It was painful I am not going to lie but I was and still am extremely happy with my results.

His staff, at the time, were kind and gracious and really, I had a perfect first time surgery (of any kind) experience. I think if you can get into see this Dr., you will see that he knows what he is doing, has the eye of an artist, and makes thoughtful, considerate suggestions as to how to bring your face into harmony. That is what he did for me.

Thank you Dr. Haworth!!

After a week everything settled perfectly and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

I visited Dr. Haworth for the first time back in March of 2016 for botox. I loved the way Dr. Haworth injects, and he has these hot and cold stones to hold onto for shifting my attention, but it’s nearly painless and he knows the exact areas beside where all the wrinkles are to compliment the rest, like lifting the tails of my brows as well. I recently returned in May for my concerns of under eye hollowness and filler to my lips. Doctor used Beletero to the under eye area (honestly I was good and numb so I remember saying I didn’t feel a thing for this part) and Juvederm to my lips and botox to my forehead, crows feet and tail of brows. After a week everything settled perfectly and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

I did read some reviews on yelp one pertaining to the wait, but I see why, Dr. Haworth takes his complete time with every patient and he doesn’t rush through your office visit, (he’s worth the wait) also read some other semi negative reviews but to me they didn’t seem honest to what they were describing. I did see a surgery patient and briefly spoke with her and she mentioned how happy she was with her lip surgery she had done. I had a very pleasant experience, others in the waiting room seemed happy too. I can say I highly recommend Dr. Haworth and his staff (who are very sweet and funny and clearly love to speak with patients and be informative) for my Juvederm, Botox filler needs. Dr. Haworth is truly an expert in his field.

Thanks! I’ve been recommending to my friends and co-workers already 🙂

I found Dr. Haworth and it has been the best for me.

I just love Dr. Haworth, and his staff. I had a scar on my lip that have been there for many years due to a accident I was in at a younger age. I always felt that I was pretty but at times the scar would get to me cause it was just so dark & ugly on my lip. So I started to do some research & that when I found Dr. Haworth and it has been the best for me. I’m not even finished all the way & I love how its coming along. I thank him for taking me & bringing me back to life pics coming soon!

The results were always very natural looking.

Wanted to share my positive experience at Dr. Haworth’s office with others considering any cosmetic procedures. When I originally moved to Los Angeles I had gone to a few other other well known doctors in Beverly Hills for non surgical treatments including Botox and filler. I was not impressed and was underwhelmed with the results. Then I happened to watch a few episodes of the swan and saw the makeovers that Dr. Haworth had performed. Needless to say I was very impressed and decided to make an appointment with him for Botox and filler. The results were always very natural looking.

Turing 35 this year, I decided to proceed with a handful of procedures that I had been wanting to do. I had a breast augmentation and lift, chin augmentation, fat transfer to my face, rhinoplasty and brow lift. Although it was a bit nerve racking to have so many procedures in one day, it was definitely worth it. Dr Haworth took the time to answer all my questions and concerns prior to my surgeries so I felt confident going under knowing what I could expect.

My recovery went smoothly and I had no complications from the surgery. Since I’ve healed I get so many compliments. No one can tell exactly what I’ve had done. I’m constantly being complimented on how amazing I look. It’s certainly an investment but worth every penny I spent. A lot has to be taken into consideration when selecting a surgeon to perform cosmetic work. But there is no doubt that Dr. Haworth has the skill and talent to perform surgery from head to toe with excellent results.

I went to the consultation few years ago and last November finally I made the decision…

I’m writing this review because I feel like I have to thank Dr Haworth for this few months of keeping me feeling and looking younger than I am.
I went to the consultation few years ago and last November finally I made the decision to go back, make some final adjustments and complete face lift that changed my life.

Now it’s 7 months after the surgery and the results is absolutely beautiful, I’m a new person, even my everyday attitude had changed to more positive mood. So, the pain of the first days after the surgery really paid off now. Thank you Dr Haworth you are the best and I will recommend you to anyone who want to look great. Doctor Haworth is amazing. I just trusted doctor Haworth from the first meeting. I’m so happy with the results, was fantastic surgery, even the recovery.

The results of this surgery changed my life, gave me self confident as a female, started enjoy my life with confident as a young girl. This surgery one of the most successful step in my life.

– professional team
– Thanks for Wendi she helped me a lot with the problems , and she was available all the time for my question.
– she the one who was replying my emails, she answered all my questions she was very patient with me, and so sweet always nice..
– thank you for all the team for receptionists.
– wishing for clinic successful time always

This past year I became immune to Botox.

This past year I became immune to Botox. This caused my brows and eye lids to drop into their natural position, which I soon found out was saggy and it happened fairly sudden for me, over a period of a few months.

I asked Dr Haworth if he could also improve the shape of my eyes, and if it was possible to make them slightly almond shape without making me look like a different person. He was able to do this. I am very happy with my results.

I’ve seen a lot of work from the top surgeons out there, but Haworth is way above them.

The BEST surgeon out there LITERALLY. I’ve seen a lot of work from the top surgeons out there, but Haworth is way above them. A true artist helping me stay gorgeous and now I’m not afraid to age, he can make you flawless and perfect at any age! GENIUS especially for Brest augmentation, rhinoplasty and lip lift. He is also a true artist with injections!!

Artist, Surgeon, Expert

I remember my first impression of Dr. Haworth. Within a few minutes of my consultation, he said to me, “I just want to start by telling that you don’t NEED surgery. I’m not curing cancer here. That is the difference between other specialties and plastic surgery”. It was perfect. I knew that despite being a Beverly Hills surgeon, he was not going to try and sell me ANYTHING, and I was free to discuss what I, personally, wanted to improve upon regarding my appearance and physical insecurities. I am an NP, live in SF. I researched extensively given my knowledge of surgeons with varying skills. There were procedures I ran by him that I was interested in (jaw implantation), but he believed I did not need it, and after the witch’s chin reduction and neck lipo, he was right, and reduced my exposure to infection and additional cost. Dr. Haworth is honest, realistic, artistic, relaxed, and above all has incredible attention to detail. It is obvious that surgery and art is what he truly enjoys; it is his calling and you can see it is his assessment, surgical plan, and outcome of surgery. Dr. Haworth never rushes me in follow-up appointments. He is very open to feedback and makes sure he makes things right- he truly listens. One last thing- his patients do not “look like” they have had any work done, which is fabulous. His work is subtle and naturally beautiful. I recommend Dr. Haworth 100% to any potential patient- you need to visit him and have a consultation if you are considering any work; it is very rare to have a surgeon who cares, has incredible focus and ability to communicate expectations, and deliver a fantastic outcome.

Upper Lip Was Sad, Now I’m Glad!

My review of Dr. Randal Haworth is unsolicited. As a patient and a biomedical scientist, my opinion is that Dr. Haworth’s pre-op, surgery, follow up as well as outcome of the upper and medial (corner) lip lifts are of the highest quality. What caused me to get this surgery? The region of my nose to upper lip midface area was flat and had an extreme distance between the nose and upper lip. I looked angry or sad all the time when I wasn’t smiling. The reasons for my highest regard for Dr. Haworth’s work are the following.

First, it was a revision of a lip lift I had 20 years prior. Ten years after my first lip lift the distance had returned so I went to another plastic surgeon that refused to perform lip lifts and he talked me into having autologous fat implant into my lips to balance the distance. Since that fat implant, a further increased distance developed between my nose and upper lip and the area was very flat with no definition/philtrum. Previous scar tissue is just one reason revision surgery can be more difficult. After several consultations with other plastic surgeons to correct these issues, I researched how Dr. Haworth did his lip lifts and found that he was the only plastic surgeon who secured the lip lift in such as way that it tends to last longer. Therefore, I chose Dr. Haworth.

Second, Dr. Haworth provides such a wonderful outcome that people are really confused when I say that I am 68 years old because most people think I am much younger. After Dr. Haworth’s surgery, my lips and the balance of my midface region to the rest of my face is even better than when I was much younger! He even gave my upper lip a philtrum again which takes away the flat appearance.

Third, Dr. Haworth, the anesthesiologist and their staff provide spectacular pre- and post-op preparation and follow-up care. I never felt rushed when I had questions or during an appointment. I have had numerous surgeries for other reasons and I know this type of care is outstanding. I did complete all of Dr. Haworth’s suggested follow up visits, home care, and upper lip exercises which I am sure helped with healing and the outcome as well. I highly recommend Dr. Haworth’s advice as well as attention to details, artistry, and technical skills that provide me with a natural, beautiful outcome. One year post surgery, I look pleasant, not angry.

Thank you Dr. Haworth and staff!