The results were always very natural looking.

Wanted to share my positive experience at Dr. Haworth’s office with others considering any cosmetic procedures. When I originally moved to Los Angeles I had gone to a few other other well known doctors in Beverly Hills for non surgical treatments including Botox and filler. I was not impressed and was underwhelmed with the results. Then I happened to watch a few episodes of the swan and saw the makeovers that Dr. Haworth had performed. Needless to say I was very impressed and decided to make an appointment with him for Botox and filler. The results were always very natural looking.

Turing 35 this year, I decided to proceed with a handful of procedures that I had been wanting to do. I had a breast augmentation and lift, chin augmentation, fat transfer to my face, rhinoplasty and brow lift. Although it was a bit nerve racking to have so many procedures in one day, it was definitely worth it. Dr Haworth took the time to answer all my questions and concerns prior to my surgeries so I felt confident going under knowing what I could expect.

My recovery went smoothly and I had no complications from the surgery. Since I’ve healed I get so many compliments. No one can tell exactly what I’ve had done. I’m constantly being complimented on how amazing I look. It’s certainly an investment but worth every penny I spent. A lot has to be taken into consideration when selecting a surgeon to perform cosmetic work. But there is no doubt that Dr. Haworth has the skill and talent to perform surgery from head to toe with excellent results.